Our Story



The vision that ultimately brought us here was formed somewhere between reading Wendell Berry, living in a suburb that prohibited the keeping of chickens, and a desire to engage in physical labor.  After an internship with a long-time vegetable farmer and an invitation from him to continue to learn under him if we farmed nearby, we moved to Southeastern Minnesota from the Chicago suburbs and started our farm.


Where we are now

We grow a diverse range of vegetables on our five acres of tillable land.  We have a tractor, some hoes, a seeder, and some other small pieces of equipment, but most of our work is done with our hands in the dirt.  The growing season is very full, and we take advantage of every minute of daylight that the long days of a Minnesota summer allow.  The produce we grow is mostly sold to restaurants and food co-ops in the Twin Cities and Rochester.  



We are excited to experiment with some new cultivation and season extension practices this coming season.  And, in the next few years, we would like to begin selling vegetables at a farmers market or CSA.  We want to always be investing in the ecological health of our farm through good soil practices, encouraging populations of beneficial insects, and providing wildlife habitat and nesting locations.  We have some infrastructure projects on the horizon, such as building an all-season wash stand, building a greenhouse, and incorporating high tunnels into our season extension practices.