Our Packaging

Compostable Clamshells


We are proud to be offering the folks of Minnesota local, organic greens in compostable clamshells. There is not a lot of good news about plastic out there, and from what we’ve read, not very much of what we put in our recycling bins actually ends up getting recycled. So when we were given the opportunity to sell greens in clamshells, we did a lot of research to find a way to avoid using petroleum-based plastic.

Our clamshells are made of bio-based materials, such as plant starch. The name of the material is ‘PLA plastic’, but it is not ‘plastic’ in the traditional sense of the word. The manufacturer states that these clamshells will break down completely in 3 - 6 months in a commercial compost facility. They can take 12 - 24 months to break down in a home compost setting and are not recommended for home compost for that reason. We made some phone calls to the Twin Cities municipal compost facility and they verified that they do accept these clamshells, and that they do break down. (If you want more information about compost pick-up in the Twin Cities, click here.)

In addition to being compostable, these clamshells also take about half the energy to manufacture as they petroleum-based counterparts. The manufacturing process also releases less CO2.  

We hope you enjoy our greens! Bon appetit! 

P.S. - Even the labels are compostable.