1. We are seeking two employees to work from May to the end of October.  Job tasks would include planting, cultivating, harvesting, washing, and packing a wide variety of vegetables.  We are a part of a small community of vegetable farmers in the area, so our employee would have to the chance to get to know other seasonal employees and farmers in the area.  Housing is a possibility - please contact us for more details about the 2020 season.  

Hare and Tortoise Farm

job description

We are a small, family-run organic vegetable farm located in beautiful Southeastern Minnesota.  We are looking for one or two full-time paid interns to help with almost every aspect of our vegetable production, including putting plants in the ground, cultivating, managing pests, harvesting, washing, and packaging.  This is a great opportunity for an aspiring farmer to get first-hand experience with what it looks like to run a vegetable operation.  We use a variety of innovative farming practices tailored to running a small farm operation, and we are always learning and hoping to adapt new methods each year.  Our employees are an integral part of each farming season and are treated as future farmers looking to gain experience as they work alongside us.  Additionally, we work closely with two other small organic vegetable farms in the area which allows interns to see how those operations are run, as well as have community connections with several other interns nearby.  During the main growing season our three farms host a weekly potluck which gets us out of the dirt and into the community for a nice evening once a week.  Housing is available but limited.  Please contact us early if you are interested and require housing.